Musuani Medical Center

Musuani Medical Centre is the 1st and only cashless clinic located in the local community of Musuani Mwingi District, Kitui County. We provide primary healthcare need and quality care and services to Musuani residents. The Clinic was incorporated as a legal entity in February 2016.

Our outpatient medical facility uses cashless payment system where all patients that visit the facility are required to make payment using Lipa na M-pesa only. There is an M-pesa agent adjacent to the clinic that will assist patients in depositing cash into their M-pesa accounts.

Our services include general consultation, Laboratory, and pharmacy. Musuani Medical Centre  is open from 8:30AM-5:30PM.In the case of any inquiries, please check the directory and contact us.


Our Services

General consultation services

Consultation is done to all the patients who visits our facility. Treatment is then administered to the patients according to the diagnostics. The other nearest clinic to Musuani is 15KM.

Pharmacy services

Our pharmacy sells drugs that mostly treat common diseases.

Outpatient services

Our outpatient services include wellness and prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Laboratory services

Our laboratory services maximize the use of rapid test kits. This kits can test up ten common illnesses.